Public Benefits

Evan and Eric share their stories about the important role public benefits play in their lives.

Public Benefits and Eligibility

Many public benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are means-tested programs. This means the programs serve people who have low incomes and few assets. In order to be eligible to receive these public benefits, people cannot exceed certain income or asset limits. The services available through Medicaid programs vary by state, but can include supported employment, day services and programs, and other services to support community-based living.

Waiting lists for Medicaid are common and depend on your state of residence. Check with your state I/DD agency or a chapter of The Arc to get information for your state. Please note that chapters of The Arc vary in size and in the services they provide. If you need further assistance, please contact The Arc’s national office through our online form or by phone at 202-617-3268.

Public Benefits Programs

It is important to learn what public benefits the person with I/DD is eligible for and apply for the appropriate benefits. Programs that may be available include:

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Plain Language

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