Expressing Wishes for the Future

Writing a Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent (LOI) outlines information on daily needs, supports, and legal and financial matters of a person with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD). The LOI should communicate the family and person’s intentions for the future. It serves as a good resource during times of transition.

This document should be updated at least once a year to reflect changes in the person’s current situation and goals for the future. The LOI serves to keep everyone in the support network informed on what the person with I/DD needs and wants. The LOI can also be used to supplement a parent’s will. However, the letter of intent is not a legally binding document.

Getting Started

The LOI is a good first step in person-centered planning. It’s a way to create a path forward to develop legal and financial arrangements and ensures that the person with I/DD is living life as independently as possible. The LOI also provides easy access to relevant information in an emergency.

Who can be involved?

What to include

A Path Forward

Remember to review the letter of intent every year to check if anything needs to be changed. As the person with I/DD ages, support needs may change. Developments in the lives of other family members and friends may require that support roles be modified. Now it’s time to move forward in planning.