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Person with I/DD

Everyone needs to think about and plan for the future. To make a plan for the future, you need to think about and make choices about what you would like to do in the future.

You should talk with members of your family about how to make those things happen. You can build a team with your family, friends, and whomever else you want to invite to help you with your plan. You should also talk with your person-centered planning team or professionals who work with you on your Individual Support Plan (ISP). They can help give ideas about your plan. The ISP is a plan of support and training services for a person with I/DD over a 12-month period.

You should consider the following questions:

To help achieve your plan, ask your family members, friends, and the people on your team to support you by taking on certain roles and responsibilities. Identify who will help you be the keeper of your dream.

If you think about these questions and make a plan, it will help you with having a better life outcome. These discussions with family, friends, and other people on your support team will improve your quality of life in the community.

Next, you will think about what you can do to make the things in your plan happen. Your plan may change over time as things in life change. For more help, please contact a chapter of The Arc or the state intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) agency. Please note that chapters of The Arc vary in size and in the services they provide. If you need further assistance, please contact The Arc’s national office through our online form or by phone at 800-433-5255.

Be Your Own Advocate

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