Future Planning is creating a guide for persons with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD) and their families to prepare for the time when a parent or primary caregiver can no longer provide support.

Many professionals support adults with I/DD and their families. Disability professionals, lawyers, and financial planners have specific roles in the future planning process. Other professionals, such as doctors and members of the clergy, may be in a position to support families during the future planning process in different ways.

It is helpful to all professionals who work with families that include a person with I/DD to be familiar with resources in the disability community, to be encouraging of families’ planning efforts, and to remain connected with adults with I/DD after they transition out of their parents’ home.

The Center for Future Planning® will be developing resources and tools. The Center will also offer webinars and other training sessions to help you learn how you can support families in the future planning process.